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Jester Wild Show - Volume 48
Tomás McGrath

arranged by special guest Tomás McGrath

August 03, 2012


Frankie & The Damons - Man From Soul
The Soul Blenders - Love Built On A Strong Foundation
The Paramount For - You Don't Know (Till It Happens To You)
The Monzas - You Know You Turn Me On
The Black Eyed Peas - Smallest Man Alive
Paul Sindab - I Was A Fool
Johnny Cool - The Love Bounce
Sunny Ridell - Come Out In My World
Charles Spurling - She Cried Just A Minute
The Summits - Sophisticated Lady
The Huns Review - Don't Make Me Love You
The Holy Disciples - Trying To Make A Hundred
Jame T. Horn - The Glory Bound Train
The Kindly Shepherds - Lend Me Your Hand
Oscar Perry - Face Reality
The Underground Express - I Never Found A Girl (To Love Me The Way You Do)
Geater Davis - My Love Is So Strong For You
Carol Woods & Executives - Heart Breaker
Lee Brackett - Ruby
Jimmy Delphs - Almost
The Sugar Lumps - Won't You Help Me
Marge Dodson - Be Your Baby
Jimmy Lipscomb - Pow Pow Pow
Sam Fletcher - I'd Think It Over 


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